Enlighten us...

But make it quick!

Next Event: Wednesday 19th November 2014 , 6.00pm

Tickets Released: To be announced

Here's how it works

Passionate speakers, random topics and a great audience... become a part of Ignite

Choose your subject

Ignite is all about sharing personal and professional passions. Sales pitches are a no no, but anything else goes…

Talk through 20 slides

After plucking up the courage and finally choosing a topic, our speakers are given 20 blank slides to prepare their 5 minute talk.

15 Seconds per slide

On the night, between 8-12 speakers take to the stage. With their presentations complete, each slide auto rotates every 15 seconds.

Inspire an audience

From hilarious stories to thought provoking facts, no two Ignite talks are ever the sameā€¦. so what could you talk about?

Our Next Event:

Wednesday 19th November 2014 , 6.00pm

Glee Club, Bute Street, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff CF10 5BZ

Next Event Speakers coming soon!